Preventative Maintenance Service Contracts

Why does my company need a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service Contract?

PM Service Contracts are the industry standard when you want to get the most out of your commercial HVAC equipment. Approximately 86% of commercial building owners/lessees have a PM Service Contract in place. HVAC systems are an expensive investment and you want to keep them working worry-free for as long as possible. Changing filters, cleaning coils, replacing belts, inspecting equipment, as well as making minor repairs will not only increase the efficiency of your HVAC systems but will extend the life of your equipment. Through regular inspections, we are able to identify potential equipment failures and make recommendations to allow customers to plan accordingly so that they are less likely to have surprise equipment failure at critical times. Last minute emergency repairs are inconvenient and quite expensive.

What is a PM Service Contract?

Certified service technicians perform periodic maintenance needed to keep your HVAC systems running at their most efficient levels. With a PM Service Contract, we keep track of the service schedule for you. 

How much does a PM Service Contract cost?

Preventative maintenance contracts are surprisingly affordable and prolong the life of your HVAC equipment. Because all our maintenance activities are delivered in a planned manner, scheduled agreements with our service technicians provide a reduced cost alternative to the ad hoc emergency service calls you may be paying for today.

The cost of the service agreement is based on the related material costs of each piece of equipment and the type of preventative maintenance required to keep that equipment clean and operating efficiently. Our contract customers receive significantly reduced price for parts and labor rates should services be needed above and beyond the PM Service Contract.

We let customers choose if they would like to pay us monthly or quarterly for the PM work provided throughout the entire year.

How long does a PM Service Contract last?

All PM Service Contracts expire one year from date the contract is signed and may be renewed at the end of each year.

What areas does a PM Service contract cover?

While we tailor each PM Service Contract to the customer’s equipment and needs, here’s what’s included in a “typical” contract:

  • Quarterly filter changes
  • Bi-annual coil cleaning
  • Quarterly equipment inspection
    • Cooling start-up inspections generally occur in March.
    • Heating start-up inspections generally occur in October.
    • Seasonal cooling inspections generally occur in June.
    • Seasonal heating inspections generally occur in December.

 How can my company set up a PM Service Contract with Building Control Solutions?

  1. Contact us today and we will send a certified technician to your site without any cost or obligation to perform an inventory of your equipment and take pictures of all of the model and serial numbers.
  2. We’ll discuss your PM service needs and provide you with a detailed service proposal within three business days.
  3. We will schedule your first PM service upon receiving the signed contract and schedule all of the services to be performed for the next year.

You can rest assured that we will include all required services that will extend the life of HVAC equipment, save you money on your utility bills, and let you focus on making money in your core business and not worry about being hot or cold. Our fully trained and certified technicians perform maintenance on every manufacturer of HVAC equipment that has been made in the last 40 years.